1st impressions last, so a warm welcome is in order! We know it can be daunting coming to a Chiropractor for the 1st time, but you can rest assured as the process is simple and easy.

1st Appointment

Your initial consultation will start by getting a few key details so the Chiropractor can understand how to direct a thorough investigation to find out if or how best to help out. This includes asking some questions, performing a physical and function exam to ascertain whether further investigations are required such as x-rays.

2nd Appointment

Your Report of Findings is an important appointment used to go over what was found in your 1st visit combined with a detailed explanation of x-rays, recommendations and helpful information.


If a Chiropractic Adjustment is safe and required as part of the plan to return your body to optimal working order, the Dr will take you step by step through the process. There are various tools in the belt so finding the right one for you is important and nothing will be done without consent of the patient!

Approaches to Chiropractic Care

Symptomatic Care -This stage of care is aimed at addressing your immediate concerns as quickly as possible. This is usually the most intensive stage of care, and focusses on joint function and aims to control inflammation as quickly as possible.

Corrective Care – Corrective care aims to address the long-term, bad habits of your spinal movement. It can help retrain how your spine moves. It can also help prevent relapses or similar injuries later. Corrective care requires consistent, regular adjustments over weeks or months, depending on the case. At pre-determined intervals, full progress examinations take place in order to measure your progress.