There are various types of headaches which originate from different causes but at the end of the day, all are irritating to the person, and some can be debilitating.

The causes for headaches can range from neck dysfunction, dehydration, excess sunlight, tumours, strokes and other predisposing factors that cause less common headache types.

The most common types of headaches people experience are;

  • Cervicogenic
  • Tension type
  • Migraines
  • Cluster
  • Dehydration
  • Allergy
  • Sinus

Repetitive jobs or postures are thought to be a leading factor in increases the prevalence of non-serious headaches in today’s population. Extended periods of sitting, looking at bright screens, slumping, bending the head and body forward are all stressors and triggers.

Cervicogenic headaches are referred pain perceived in the head from a joint dysfunction in the neck and its components bone, disc and/or soft tissue. Numerous pain-sensitive structures exist in the cervical (upper neck) and occipital (back of head) regions. This type of headache has great treatment outcomes with Chiropractic care when removing the primary joint dysfunction in the neck.

Tension type headaches can be triggered by various stressors and can be infrequent or chronic and repetitive. Chiropractic care has been show to significantly reduce the frequency of these types of headaches.

Migraines also occur for various reasons, from hormonal, neurovascular and neural sensitisation. Not all migraines are effectively treated with Chiropractic but some can have immense results for someone unable to leave a dark quiet room for days.

A combination of specific Chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue releases to the neck and upper back region help to reset the joint and nerve function that controls pain and muscle tension which often can be the cause of some headaches and migraines.