Neck pain

neck apinIn today’s modern day lifestyle, neck pain is becoming more prevalent in our population due to our posture from work or home life. Repetitive stress on important structures cause your body to try to adapt, but this can lead to compensation and further problems which lead to dysfunction and pain.

The key structures that cause neck pain are;

  • Bones
  • Discs
  • Muscles
  • Joints
  • Nerves

The most common structure that causes people to feel pain is the muscles from having to hold up the neck structure in sometimes a non-ideal alignment. If you’ve ever done exercises or weights more than you’re used to, you know what muscle pain feels like. Your neck muscles may be feeling this every single day.

Other structures that are over loaded are the bones/joints which generally cause significant loss of movement but luckily can be easily helped with Chiropractic care by restoring function and allowing for the body to remove inflammation.

Discs and nerves can be injured either chronically over time, or with a traumatic moment, causing significant pain and loss of mobility and often can cause referred pain to the arms.

Any of these conditions can be caused by either poor posture in an office or lounge environment, or by heavy strenuous activity that causes trauma to one or more of the structures. Chiropractic can help with removing the pressure that causes further injury and inflammation and allows your body to heal itself correctly and minimises long term damage.

A combination of specific Chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue releases to the neck and upper back region help to reset the joint and nerve function that controls pain and muscle tension which often can be the cause of acute and chronic neck pain.